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S. MuschettSimone E. Muschett M.A.T

Founder & President

Simone Elise Muschett was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up as a young woman of color presented many challenges for her as she pursued academic and career goals. From High School and beyond, Muschett faced alarming obstacles that forced her to mature beyond her years. As a result of overhearing faculty members in her high school express to at risk students “they are bad for our statistics,” Muschett decided to dedicate her life to developing at risk youth.

Determined to become the positive adult that encourages students, Muschett became a mentor for a campus mentoring club at SUNY Albany. Her dedication to this club lead her to be appointed Vice President and later President in her senior year. While Muschett was president, she founded The World Within Reach after school program at Albany High School. Twice a week Muschett provided workshops to high school girls on academic, social and professional development. This program received an award from the city of Albany in its first year. Additionally, Muschett was provided a scholarship to attend America’s Promise Alliance 2012 and 2013 Grad Nation Summit, where she participated in tackling the high school dropout crisis. Upon receipt of her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Muschett also received a President’s Award for Community Service.

Confident that she can make an impact, Muschett served as an Americorps Teaching Fellow her first 2 years out of college. During this time, Muschett acquired a Master’s of Arts in Teaching  from Relay Graduate School Education and discovered  a passion for counseling students grappling with trauma, poverty, abuse or neglect. Muschett created behavior incentive plans and coordinated trips to correctional facilities to intervene the lives of students on the wrong path.

In 2015, Muschett Co-Founded a mentoring youth based non-profit, Youth of Order, where she developed organizational structures, created materials for character building workshops and paired students with mentors in the community to promote an “ it takes a village mindset” in Brooklyn. In 2017 Muschett, resigned from Youth of Order to pursue her own non-profit formally known as Resilient Young Minds.

Currently, Muschett holds a dual certification in General and Special Education while teaching High School Literacy in Brooklyn, NY. She continues to mentor her students, old and new. As a result of Muschett’s continued effort to develop the whole child she is pursuing a Masters in Social Work from LIU Brooklyn and aspires to build her own residential alternative school in the near future.  


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